Reasons You Should Try Electrotherapy Immediately

You’ve probably heard about electrotherapy before. It is something worth trying due to the serious number of advantages. The best thing about this treatment is that now you can even buy small devices and do it safely at home.


Electroshock Therapy














Most people imagine huge mental hospitals with a strapped-down patient writhing in pain when they hear about the electroshock therapy. However, it is not the outdated, barbaric treatment you think of.


Electroshock Therapy

Most of the electrotherapies in reality are generally safe. Just because electro impulses are used, there are no dangers or any side effects in it. Don’t worry, your nerves, muscles or bones cannot be damaged.


Electroshock Therapy

Electrotherapy seems to be highly effective and provides tremendous benefits for those who suffer from physical, mental or behavioural health issues including depression, mania and catatonia.


Electroshock Therapy

You don’t even have to go to a special doctor in order to be treated anymore. Digital therapy massager machines are becoming more and more popular, since they make doing a series of treatments at home faster and simpler.


Electroshock Therapy

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Long-term depression issues can be easily cured. Similar to antidepressants, electrotherapy have been found to increase levels of nerve growth factors. These trigger the birth of new brain cells and revitalize damaged connections in the the brain.


Electroshock Therapy

The way it works is not that difficult to understand. Brief electrical impulses are administered directly on your body or your scalp. These electrical shocks reboot the system, just like when a computer doesn’t work so you decide to restart it.


The Electroconvulsive Therapy treatments, or simply ETC, is causing the brain cells to respond and creates a kind of small seizure. Thus, restores some neuroconnections and reconnects nerves that are short-circuited. In addition, the seizure may change the levels of the compounds which play role in depression.


Besides depression, electrotherapy can reduce mania in people with bipolar disorder, and sometimes used for people with schizophrenia. Particularly for those, who are in a state in which they don’t speak or respond to stimuli.


Electrical muscle stimulation is known for relieving muscle pain, reducing muscle recovery time and speeding up the healing process. The low-level electrical currents are used to stimulate muscles, forcing them to contract.


Acute and chronic edema can be cured with the help of electrotherapy. By affecting the blood vessels, it increases the mobility of proteins, blood cells and lymphatic flow.


Try repairing tissues with this medical treatment. Your wounds will heal much faster using electrotherapy, since it enhances microcirculation and protein synthesis. Also, the increased blood flow to the injured tissues will increase the macrophages, which clean up debri.


Electrotherapy devices come in many forms and sizes. Using them should not cause any difficulties, it’s easy to learn how they work. They don’t require any help, and can use it alone anytime you want.


Curing yourself has never been more effortless and painless. You don’t need to go see your doctor every time you have a minor complain or just simply want to improve your health.


The effectiveness of these therapies have been documented, and the results are very positive even after a few weeks. In case of depression for example, about 85% of patients have a full recovery after treatment.


There is a new method called electroacupuncture getting popular, too. Basically, it is a form of acupuncture but with small electric current passing between the between pairs of needles. This practice restores health and particularly good for treating pain.

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